The Dr is in

So, if you don’t already know, you soon will, I’m a total sucker for puns. ALL PUNS. The past couple weeks I’ve been getting everything ready for Perfectly Perry Designs, and its been a little crazy to say the least. BUT I JUST finished up a rag quilt that will be in the shop, and I actually remembered to grab pictures this time. This is an adorable baby quilt that is perfect for the little ones who love carrying things around. So, it’s a beautiful day to make a quilt 😉

First up, gathered my materials. Literally, cutting material takes a century to do, so a friend of mine actually got me the Dr. Suess Charm Pack in 5X5 squares. (Jesse, you’re amazing!) Nyomi just loves hanging out at the table with me, so I had to get picture. I put on some Logic, and started cutting away.

I sorted it by how I would piece together. I used to white as my middle layer, and started building all my squares.  Once I placed them together, (chevron pattern facing backwards!) I pinned them together so they’d stay in place until I was ready to start sewing. 31493432_915058278663995_16217650480807936_n

I’m a visual person, so I placed them together in rows of six, and colums of seven. (If you math, its 30″x35″) before I started sewing. I couldn’t have two of the same in a single row or column, right?!31520602_915058231997333_9176514944382795776_n

Now I can start sewing! So whats fun about rag quilts, is they don’t have to be perfect. I would sew diagonal across the block, corner to corner, to create x’s.

Pro tip: a glass of wine (or three) is so enjoyable while sewing. I lined up the blocks, both top side up, and sewed straight down to connect them all using a 1/2″ seam. You want to be able to see the seams!

Once all your rows are all stitched up, you’re ready to connect them. I pinned the edges with the seams open, chevron pattern opened on both sides, making it a much easier stitch. Even with pinning though, hand guiding it through the track is still great to do.

Once, complete, you do a complete 1/2″ seam all the way around the border and you’re done! Alright, not quilt done, but it does look cute still.


Now you start cutting your seams. WHAT! Cutting everything we just worked so hard on? Chill out Perfectionist Polly, we just cut up to the seam, in 1/2″ increments, all around the quilt and the same for the inside seams. This part definitely takes awhile, so I hopped on the couch with hubby and watched The Office. Don’t hate. After cutting, you send that baby right through the washer and dryer. I did the cold setting on delicate for the wash, and it was perfect! Drying is where you get the fluff, so don’t be scared to use heat!

Love the fluffiness this quilt produced!


And that’s the baby rag quilt! Be sure to keep your eyes opened for the launch of this quilt and a few others!



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