And sew it begins;

Something I’ve learned from blogs; theres always such a LONG story intertwined into the part that made you want to click on it to begin with, am I right? That’s not exactly my style. I’ve recently gotten into quilting, and became OBSESSED. It’s something I want to keep doing, and be able to share with others. So why not go through the process of my first quilt?


First things first, I cut all my fabric into 6×6 squares. The yardstick and rotary cutter were my saving grace.


Skip ahead a bit, I did not follow a pattern, so it’s not the “perfect dimensions” I did 10 across by 12 down, and it worked perfectly. I took my first row, and sewed the blocks together using a 1/4 inch seam. In between, I ironed the seams in opposing directions to make it easier when it came time to sew the rows together. Once all my rows were completed, I started sewing each row together using the same 1/4 inch seam. Sensing the pattern here? Side note: no one told me just how much you have to iron during the quilting process! After each block


Obviously mistakes happened, thats what the seam ripper is for. We quickly became the best of pals.


I finally had the entire top layer of my quilt finished! Collectively, it took about 7 hours of sewing. Hey, I’m new here alright. I had to take a moment to appreciate just how ‘Indiana’ this quilt turned out (Go Hoosiers!)


After the top was done, I cut the batting (comfy stuff in the middle that keeps you nice and warm when you like to keep your house at 65) and backing, stitched them to the top layered inside out, reversed it, and hand stitched the top! Viola, you have a super thick, comfy quilt that probably isn’t necessary in the south.

So how’d I do for my first blog post? Pretty straight forward, huh? Next one I’ll be make sure to take more photos throughout the process. Until next time, enjoy the pictures of my assistants during the making of this quilt. I’m gonna grab some coffee and start my next project. Did someone say baby quilt?



-Perfectly Perry, Uniquely You


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